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Trophy Bur Limb Bolts

…Limb Bolts Trophy Bur Limb Bolts Add a touch of tradition to your takedown bow with these awesome Antler Bur Limb Bolts. The knobs are cast reproductions of actual Midwestern whitetail deer shed antlers. The limb bolts are extremely durable and highly realistic looking. Available in bolt lengths of…

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Trophy Bur Accessory Bolts

…of tradition to your bow with these awesome Antler Bur Accessory Bolts. Use them to attach your bow quiver, bowfishing reel, bow sight, or other accessories to your bow. The knobs are cast reproductions of actual Midwestern whitetail deer shed antlers. The accessory bolts are extremely durable and…

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Antler Flint Knapping Billet

Antler Knap. Billet Flint Knapping Items Antler Flint Knapping Billet Antler Flint Knapping Billet This medium antler billet (6-8 oz.) is suitable for work on arrow points and small tools.

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Trophy Bur Limb Bolt Adapters

…Bur Limb Bolt Adapters Bow Accessories Trophy Bur Limb Bolt Adapters Trophy Bur Limb Bolt Adapters These limb bolt adapters are for use with the Antler Bur Limb Bolts when installing on a bow that has concave bevels such as the Tomahawk Legacy Series longbow, Black Widow bows, Great Plains bows,…

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Primitive Technology II: Ancestral Skills

…and amazing primitive heritage. 248 pages. Paperback. Learn how to build an Iroquois elm bark canoe. Learn to work hides with stone, bone, and antler tools. Make your bow and arrows using the time-honored methods of our ancestors. Learn stone tools, bow & arrow, food preparation, shelter building,…

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Skull Bleaching Kit

…breaks down the fats and oils during the boiling process allowing all the matter to release much more easily. Also, because there is no bleaching agent in the water, you don't have to worry about the antlers getting discolored. Just boil the skull for about an hour and then wash it with a pr

Bear Archery Antler T-Shirt

Bear Archery Antler T-Shirt - Medium Caual clothing Bear Archery Antler T-Shirt Bear Archery Antler Short Sleeve T-Shirt Bear Archery knows what's on your mind! Dream of the one that won't get away with this antlered tee. It's a great way to share your passion for hunting with the world. Made of…

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Making the Most of Your Deer

…the Most of Your Deer Making the Most of Your Deer Book Covers everything you need to know for making the most of your deer. From field dressing, butchering, preserving, cooking, tanning, basic leather craft, antler craft, taxidermy, soap making, and MORE. By Dennis Walrod. 252 pages, paperback.

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Limited Edition Traditional Only® Armguard

…top grain leather. This is the cut just before shell cordovan leather. Each armguard has its own unique grain in the leather. Never will you see two alike. It is pre-formed to fit an adult's arm, and it is stamped with the Traditional Only logo. Features antler buttons with stretch cord attachment.

Pope & Young Style Leather Belt Quiver

…Belt Quiver This Pope & Young style belt quiver is made of top-grain rich brown leather. The 3A«" opening with tapered design will comfortably hold 12 arrows. The antler button accent adds an extra traditional touch. Fits right and left handed archers. Requires a belt to use. No arrows included.

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Now: $54.99

Little Big Youth Back Quiver

…Little Big Youth Back Quiver Little Big Youth Back Quiver An excellent all leather youth archery back quiver in a timeless design. Unique look with antler button accent and wears comfortably with adjustable leather strap. Looks just like the full sized back quivers mom and dad have. A full 17"…

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Maverick Leather Back Quiver

…challenges of the trail or the range. Made from 5 oz. top grain leather, the Maverick features a tapered body design with a roll top. The shoulder strap features a brass buckle and it's adjustable for right or left handed shooters. Features a hand laced bottom cup and unique elk antler button.

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Now: $224.99

Hill Style Large Back Quiver

…two dozen arrows, this back quiver also has a handy sheathe on the strap for carrying your broadhead file.The strap is reversible, making this back quiver suitable for right or left handed shooters. Features an attractive antler accent on the front. Made from vegetable tanned leather in the USA.

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Classic Leather Back Quiver

…archery, his creation is attractive and functional. The top quality leather tapered body is 24" deep and easily holds 12 arrows. Accented with antler button. Fully adjustable shoulder strap.Soft sheep shearling is added to the shoulder strap for your comfort, along the bottom of quiver for broadhead…

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Little Big Youth Back Quiver

…mom and dad use, or even Robin Hood, but it's made specially for kids interested in youth archery. Quality all-leather construction with accent antler button. Adjustable leather strap allows one size to fit all. Adjustable for right or left handed use. Measures approx 17" deep and holds 12…

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…yet secure fit on your back. Great for long hikes or tournaments. The top is lined with sheep shearling to keep arrows quiet. Accented with Elk antler button and brass buckles. Easily holds 12 arrows. Measures 25" deep, 6.5" x 3" opening. Weighs Approximately 1.75 lbs. Fits right and left handed…

Horn/Antler Primitive Arrow Nocks

Horn Nocks 3pk - 15/64 Large Primitive Arrow and Supplies Horn/Antler Primitive Arrow Nocks Horn/Bone Primitive Arrow Nocks These Horn Arrow Nocks and Bone Arrow Nocks are a great way to add an authentic primitive touch to your arrows. Great with Bamboo arrows. Available in Large (15/64") and…

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Basic Flintknapping Techniques DVD

Basic Flintknapping Techniques DVD How-to DVDs Basic Flintknapping Techniques DVD Basic Flintknapping Techniques DVD This introduction to modern flint knapping. Includes information on stone types/sources, stone heating with electricity and campfire, spalling, antler/metal billet percussion, and…

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