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Bear Archery Recurve Bows

Recurve Bows

The most popular traditional bow today. The reflex/deflex design of the limbs allows a recurve to shoot arrows fast. The larger size of the riser makes a recurve bow stable in hand for no handshock (vibration of the bow that hurts your hand). Recurves can be very accurate as they are normally cut to (or past) center so the arrow is pointing directly where you are shooting.

Offered as one-piece and takedown recurve bows, you find traditional recurves in all lengths and weights. Highly recommended for the beginner archer as they are easier to shoot, and many offer bushings for attaching accessories to your bow.

Bear Takedown Recurve Limbs
$339.99 - $349.99

What Bow Weight for me?

If your focus is target shooting, then 45# or less is a good start. You need endurance for long periods of shooting, but enough cast (ability to shoot an arrow) to shoot distances. For bowhunters, check your local game laws, but the minimum weight normally ranges from 35-45# for deer sized game. Go with a weight that you can comfortably manage, most popular is 50# or 55#. NEVER over-bow yourself. Straining too much to pull a bow back will decrease your accuracy and even strain a muscle. Tip for compound shooters: Try going down 10-15# in bow weight from your compound when starting traditional archery. The two bows use different muscles to pull and no weight let-off, so do not match weight for weight. All bows on this page have bow weights measured at a 28" draw length. This is an industry standard.

Importance of Bow Length Shooting too short of a bow will shorten your distance to stack (feel like hitting a wall when drawing past a certain length), have more finger pinch (hurts your accuracy and fingers), and feels as if you are drawing more bow weight as the weight is distributed over a shorter length. Having a longer bow will draw smoother, not stack, and normally have greater accuracy as you get a cleaner release due to lower string angle. your draw length determines what will be a "too short" of a bow for you. All adult bows are rated at 28", but not everyone draws to that point. Find your draw length by using a draw check arrow or watching our online video (Determining Draw Length) for help. If you shoot a compound bow, it may not be the same length on your traditional bow. Use our chart ONLY as a recommendation.

Bow Length
Recommended Draw Length
48" - 52"
27" & less
24" - 28"
58" - 60"
26" - 29"
61" - 63"
28" - 30"
64" - 66"
28" - 33"

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